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Through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy I have helped many people to overcome a variety of difficulties that have troubled them. These can be broadly classed as:

· Anxiety/Stress

· Panic Attacks

· Depression

· Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

· Phobias

· Eating Disorders

· Post Traumatic Stress

There are other situations where I have employed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy successfully and these are more specifically:

· Anger management

· Avoiding situations for no apparent reason

· Feelings of unreality and poor self image

· Morbid jealousy

· Stammering

· Shame & Embarrassment

· Relationship difficulties

· Low frustration tolerance

· Sleep disturbance

· Guilt

· Low Self Esteem

This list is non exhaustive but has been compiled to demonstrate the widespread uses of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


CognitiveTherapist Problems Addressed Cognitive Therapy Mindfulness MiCBT What can I expect Clinic Location CBT Clinic in Reigate