Centre for Cognitive Therapy - Surrey

What can I expect

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Tel: 01737 222141

CognitiveTherapist Problems Addressed Cognitive Therapy Mindfulness MiCBT What can I expect Clinic Location CBT Clinic in Reigate


Your first consultation will last approximately 50 minutes to one hour during which time we shall explore the nature of the problem giving you time to express how you feel about it. Obtaining the necessary information from you is my responsibility so please don't feel that you have to remember or tell me everything. Having identified the problem we shall agree on an achievable goal and discuss the specific strategies to be adopted and start to move forward.

The subsequent consultations will build on the progress you are making, using exercises and tasks which will be discussed and agreed on. These are to test if the strategies we have adopted are achieving your desired goals or if they need to be tweaked or modified in any way.

Typically it takes between 8 to 12 sessions to attain the desired results. In certain circumstances depending on the nature, intensity and duration of the problem more sessions may be required.


CognitiveTherapist Problems Addressed Cognitive Therapy Mindfulness MiCBT What can I expect Clinic Location CBT Clinic in Reigate